"He became a burden on the team"- Capello spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo

Former soccer coach Fabio Capello spoke about the recently concluded World Cup in Qatar and Messi and Ronaldo.

The legendary Italian expert praised Lionel Messi.

“For me, he was on the same level as Maradona even before the World Cup. Pele, Messi and Maradona have done things that others cannot even imagine,” said Capello and added about Cristiano Ronaldo:

Sam is to blame for what is happening to him. His football quality cannot be questioned, but he was arrogant. He offered himself around and couldn’t find anyone who would take him. He became a burden on the team.

France was defeated in the final by Argentina, and Deschamps was criticized by some for not wanting to take a risk with the roving Benzema.

“He did not make a mistake, I did the same with Savicevic before the final of the Intercontinental Cup in 1993. That morning on the day of the match, he told me he was ready to play after I made the whole plan with  Raducioiu. Out of respect, I didn’t let him play. I thought that a different decision would not be fair to the team. The question remains, would Milan and France have won more trophies with Savicevic and Benzema? It’s possible that he would“, said Fabio Capello.

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