A picture of Cristiano Ronaldo sold for 70,000 euros

A picture of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Sporting jersey from the 2002/03 season sold for 70,000 euros.
At an auction in New Jersey, one collector became richer by $80,000 or 70,000, selling one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s rare stickers in a 2002/03 Sporting jersey.

There are about 200 such examples in the world, where Ronaldo is in a Sporting jersey. This fact refers to specimens that are not pasted into albums, not damaged, desecrated.

Of those 200 specimens, only 22 received a rating of 10 from collectors, so they can go to auction. This copy testifies to the first season in the career of one of the best football players in the world.

“This is a picture of one of the best football players in the world of all time. It was made in Italy for the Portuguese market. There are only a few copies left after all these years because people mostly throw them away when they fill out the album “, explained Jamie Salt, the leader of the auction.

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