Real Madrid's stars are the highest paid players

Real Madrid is officially stronger for Antonio Rudiger. The representative stopper of Germany will have a salary of guaranteed 7 million euros per season in the royal club.
The current Chelsea stopper will not be on the list of the highest paid football players in the champions of Spain and Europe. As it is stated, until the official departure from the Real, Gareth Bale had the highest salary. Although he almost never played, the Welshman earned 650,000 euros a week.

Accordingly, the first on the list for now is a football player who plays very little, due to frequent injuries, it is Eden Hazard who earns 12 million euros per season. After the Belgian are Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, Thibaut Courtois, David Alaba and Tony Cross with a salary of 10 million euros.

Antonio Rudiger is coming somewhere in the middle and will be paid 6 million euros more than Casemiro, Dani Carvajal 4.5 million euros and Rodrigo 4 million euros.

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