City and PSG are in a big deficit, and the Champions League is unattainable

Manchester City and PSG have been in the last 10 years in minus two billion euros on reinforcements, and the Champions League trophy has not yet been reached.
According to media reports, since the bosses from Abu Dhabi, City has spent 1,652,000,000 euros on buying new players, and they sold them for 606 million euros, which means that they are minus 1,046,000,000 euros.

Also, the owners of PSG from Qatar spent 1,438,000,000 euros on the arrival of new players, and sold them for 450 million euros, which is a minus of 988,000,000 euros. So they stand out in terms of salaries, because he has three of the highest paid football players in the world. Mbappe now has a gross salary of 100 million euros, Neymar 49 million euros, and Lionel Messi 40.5 million euros gross with taxes.

Based on these data, money is not a problem in Paris or City. According to UEFA, it abolished financial fair play and introduced a new rule regarding controlled spending.

Accordingly, money is not a problem in PSG and City, but the finals of the Champions League show that it is not all about money. For Manchester City and PSG, the big cup is still unattainable.

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