Pochettino: It can be seen from every angle that it is a pure foul

Mauricio Pochettino manager of Paris Saint-Germain was visibly disappointed after the match against Real Madrid.
PSG came to Madrid with a 1-0 victory from the first match.

In Madrid, they took the lead with 1:0, but in the end, there was a turnaround in favor of Madrid, where the Parisians eventually lost with 3:1.

“When you concede a goal like you did, everything changes, the match changes, and the atmosphere in the stadium changes. The fans wore Real, everything changed. It is unbelievable that the video was not viewed at the first goal when Donnarumma was fouled. It was a clear foul. It can be seen from every angle that it is a pure foul. I cannot believe that the VAR did not react “, says Pochettino.

Pochettino thinks that his team has shown itself in a better light.

“Everything is resolved in 10 minutes. We were a better team in both matches. We ‘broke up. It is impossible to explain “, said the PSG coach.

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