Modric is proud of the team: Croatia is a superpower in football

Croatian midfielder and 2018 Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric summed up his impressions after winning the bronze medal at the World Cup in Qatar.

With a 2:1 victory over Morocco, Croatia won third place at the World Cup in Qatar, and the Real Madrid midfielder was proud of the team because of this result.

“I think we have done something terrible for Croatia and Croatian football. We wanted the gold, we were close, we are sorry for that, but we have to be proud and happy and in the end we come to Croatia as winners. Let’s go have fun and enjoy this. This is a big deal. We are not a miracle that happens every 20 years, but a constant. We cannot be seen as surprises, but as a superpower in football,” said Modric.

This is the third medal for the Flames at the world championships, after silver in 2018 and bronze in 1998.

The grand final between Argentina and France is on the program tomorrow from 16:00.

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