CAPTAIN OF MANCHESTER UNITED BRUTALLY HONEST: You come home, you don't sleep, and you think I did this…

The “Red Devils” suffered one of the heaviest defeats in the history of the derby with Liverpool, and after the game for “Sky Sports”, the captain of Manchester

United, Harry Maguire, spoke.

The United captain has been the target of criticism from “devil” fans in recent days due to his desperate defensive performance, not only on Sunday, but also in the game with Leicester.

After very bad releases, Maguire spoke for “Sky”.

– It was very difficult and disappointing. When you look at the game and our performance, it was a big shame. It was nowhere near how it should be played for this club. This has been a very difficult week. I can’t say we got over this easily. When you play for Manchester United, you can never get over a defeat, especially when it happens against Liverpool, in that way – said the United captain and added:

– I am sure that this is one of the lowest moments in our careers for all our players. When you get home, you don’t sleep well. Thoughts run through your head if only I had done something else… To be honest when I came home I looked in the mirror, and looked at what I could have done better. I take full responsibility on my back.

I believe that most of our players did the same, if not, then they are doing something wrong. We conceded a lot of goals, and I take responsibility for that. Also, I take responsibility for my performance in the match, as well as for the complete defense – said Harry Maguire, the captain of Manchester United for “Sky”.

Maguire joined the “red devils” in 2019, for a record 80 million pounds. His performance in the last match, but also in some others, was very debatable.

Nothing will be easier for the “devils” this weekend either, because another derby awaits them.

In the next round of the Premier League, they are expected to play in London at “White Hart Lane”.

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