NEYMAR'S SHOCKING STATEMENT: Superstar has no plans to change his lifestyle!

One of the best football players in the world, Neymar, is known for the fact that, in addition to football, he loves the night life.

The Brazilian footballer does not hide his inclination towards clubbing, and this time he gave a somewhat unprofessional statement.

– I go out whenever I can. When it is possible, that is, when I know that I do not have training tomorrow. I don’t want to stop. What’s the problem here? Judge me based on what I do in the field. Criticize if necessary. But what am I doing off the field… – said the Brazilian and added:

– I know how to take care of myself. I have a physiotherapist, I have a fitness trainer, who is with me 24 hours a day. Why? Just for the sake of order? I keep hearing “Neymar doesn’t take care of himself, Neymar this, then that…” Then how do you explain that I last 12 years at the top, if I don’t take care of myself? Nobody can explain that to meNeymar concluded.

The Paris Saint-Germain star is not shining in the Parisian jersey this year. Since the beginning of the season, he has scored only one goal in eight matches in all competitions..

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