Malouda does not hide his disappointment: I don't recognize Chelsea, it's not the same club anymore

The French national team member and the famous ace of Chelsea, Florent Malouda, is completely disappointed with the situation and events in his former club. The attacker spent six years at Stamford Bridge, recorded over 150 appearances in the blue jersey and was an important part of the generation that led Chelsea to the title of European champion for the first time in 2012.

A little more than 24 months ago, the London Blues repeated the required feat, and then began to sink deeper and deeper after the departure of the long-term owner – Roman Abramovich. The Russian was forced to leave the club due to the conflict between his country and Ukraine, and it seems that the English have made a big mistake.

At the moment, Chelsea is not only not a candidate for serious European achievements, but is floundering on the Premier League stage. The club is far from the top of the table and the question is whether it will soon succeed in its aim to return to the elite club.

“I don’t recognize Chelsea anymore, except for the color of the jerseys.” It’s not the same club anymore. It takes time to build something worthwhile, but since the arrival of the new owners, I don’t see any stability in the management”, said Malouda.

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