Monza present Nesta as their new manager

Adriano Galliani made the first statements of the season: “We selected Alessandro Nesta because we conducted numerous analyses on the playing styles of the coaches we considered, and realised that the coach most similar to Raffaele Palladino was indeed Nesta. Nesta’s football philosophy allows us to avoid making many player changes, and in his style of play, we observed the data from Calcio Monza.”

Nesta is set to be introduced as Monza’s new manager later today. The former international defender will reunite with Adriano Galliani, having previously collaborated during their time at AC Milan.

Then Nesta said, “This is my first time managing in Serie A, and I’ve worked very hard to get here. It’s a big responsibility to work with people you have a relationship with. I’ve seen the facilities, and everything built at Monza shows President Berlusconi’s influence. You can see his touch wherever he’s been involved. With Galliani, we’ve had our share of wins and losses, ups and downs over many years. For now, he hasn’t asked me for any specific results, but that time will come. When I left Roma and Lazio as a player, it was a tough day for me, and I didn’t smile much. This time, however, there are big smiles because when Monza called, I didn’t hesitate; I just came.”

Galliani added: “We’ll be playing in a 3-4-2-1 formation. The entire staff has brought me fantastic reports on Nesta’s play style, and I’m confident he’ll do great because he is skilled and has a good head on his shoulders. I’m asking for 97 points in two seasons, just like Palladino, whom I hold in high regard.” Nesta humorously replied: “I called Palladino and told him, ‘Hey… you scored too many points…'” And there’s more:

I don’t want to make any proclamations or talk about dominance. In my opinion, the team performed best last year with a five-man defence. Daniel Maldini? No, I spoke with Paolo a month ago, but we didn’t discuss his son. He focuses on being a father, while directors and agents handle the market matters. I’ve studied Monza’s squad; there are many talented players. The younger ones have more room for improvement. I haven’t asked the club for anything regarding transfers; I coach players. I’ve discussed traits that could enhance us; we’ll do what we can without issues. From my former coaches, especially Ancelotti, I’ve learned to support players during tough times. Colpani? I played against him in Serie B. Today, he’s a very important player and has shown remarkable growth in recent years.

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