GUDELJ AFTER THE NEW CONTRACT: My tears just flowed, I will never forget it

A great season is behind the Serbian national team member Nemanja Gudelj in Seville, where he played an important role in winning the Europa League, and in an interview with the Spanish Marca, he summarized the previous competitive year.

After the European title, Gudelj easily agreed with the club management and signed a new contract that will be valid until 2026.

“I spoke with the president, vice president and Monći – everything went quite easily and quickly. During the season we had more important things and that’s why we didn’t solve it earlier, but both sides wanted to continue, we just solved the details when the season ended”, said the Serbian representative.

The team from Andalusia won the title after a turbulent season where at one point they were in the relegation zone in the Spanish La Liga, and in the final of the Europa League they defeated Roma after a better penalty shootout.

This moment came at a difficult time for the Serbian national team player who had a death in his family.

“A unique feeling. I’m not a guy who cries easily, but when Montijel gave the last penalty, I felt everything we’ve been through during the season, the anger that we’re not winning… It was very emotional for me too – I lost my baby and my brother for a few minutes… Those are the things that they eat you from the inside, and then everything comes to the surface. For five or ten minutes, my tears flowed by themselves. I will never forget it”, said Gudelj in an interview for Marka.

The Serbian representative played 53 games this season and scored three goals for the Andalusian team.

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