Good news for Bayern: The captain is back!

German football goalkeeper and Bayern player Manuel Neuer said that he was “satisfied” that he returned to training after five months.

After the World Cup in Qatar, on December 9, Neuer broke his right lower leg while skiing.

In a forty-second video published on the club’s website, Bayern showed the return of the captain to the field, during individual training with special exercises for goalkeepers.

“I am pleased. I don’t set a date for my return. I try to do everything I can, push the limits, get the most out of it so that I can progress as quickly as possible”, said Neuer.

He won the 2014 World Cup with the German national team, while he won the 2020 Champions League with Munchen.

Shortly after the injury and surgery, the experienced goalkeeper set himself the goal of being ready for Munchen’s first summer camp for next season, which is scheduled from July 15 to 20 in Tegernze, about 50 kilometers south of Munich.

Neuer is under contract with Bayern until the summer of 2024, and he expressed the hope that he will play in the European Championship in Germany in 2024.

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