Everything agreed between Real and Mbappé, but now Vinícius is leaving

Even when the results are satisfactory, and the latest one wasn’t (the neighbors Atletico stole two points from the Real Madrid in the third minute of injury time), Florentino Perez has no time to relax because he has to think about the future of the Royal Club, a future that many media outlets, domestic or foreign, want to peek into. They, for who knows which time, announce that the transfer of Mbappé from PSG to Real is already agreed upon.

Even a former footballer and current ambassador of the Saints, Laura Buro, publicly stated that this is a “done deal.”

“Completely consistent and serious sources told me that this (Mbappé’s transfer to Real) is already done,” said Buro, adding fuel to the fire that seems to be simmering even before Mbappé moved, first as a loaned player from Monaco to Paris.

Her words seemed to be awaited by the Spanish media to launch a new series of “reliable” news, claiming that Real and Mbappé have agreed on the salary – which wasn’t an obstacle – but also on the rights to the image of the French star.

Reportedly, it’s agreed that 40% of the image rights go to Real, and 60% to Mbappé.

Now, for all this to happen, Real needs a financial foundation found in none other than the transfer of Vinícius to Saudi Arabia.

Despite being an outstanding footballer, the Brazilian, according to Spanish media, has been in the news more than once for non-sports controversies than for sports, which doesn’t appeal to Perez, a loyal defender of the values promoted by Real. Therefore, the president of Madrid thinks about solving three problems with one move – taking compensation of 200,000,000 euros, freeing the left side of the field for Mbappé, but also preventing potential troubles that Vinícius could cause the club in public.

Who could pay that 200,000,000, even more than the record 222,000,000 PSG paid for Neymar from Barcelona? Al Nasr is most loudly mentioned, the current team of Cristiano Ronaldo, whom Vinícius sees as an idol.

There’s no doubt that this will be a truly complicated operation. But Perez, no matter how difficult it is, has shown many times that he’s ready to do the impossible.

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