DYBALA ON RONALDO: I hated him when I was younger

In an interview with DZNA, Argentinian footballer Paolo Dybala talked about the period when he played for Juventus in Turin and shared the dressing room with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Argentine signed for Juventus in 2015 when, as a 22-year-old, he joined the Turin club from Palermo.

He played for Juventus in 210 matches and scored 82 goals. In the period from 2018 to 2021, his teammate was Cristiano Ronaldo, who then led big duels with Lionel Messi in the fight for individual trophies and awards.

“There is a great rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo, as a child I sided with Messi. It’s always been like that. We were flying once, I was sitting in the tail of the plane, and he was a little in front. He came to me, we talked in general, about life, and then I told him: “As a child, I practically hated you.” We laughed about it and we were always on good terms,” said Dybala.

The Argentine has been a member of Roma since last season, and he does not hide his desire to stay at this club.

“People here are so excited… It’s amazing to hear them sing the national anthem before kick-off. It’s like staring at a work of art. When Pinto invited us and when this opportunity arose, I was thinking about movies about Rome, about the gladiator’s mask. I told myself that I have to do something in this city,” Dybala said.

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