DEMARAI GRAY LEAVES EVERTON: The club will make money from his sale, but will also strengthen the rival

Demarai Gray is trying to leave Everton and join Fulham this summer.

Everton will try to cash in on him before his contract expires next summer, and it is believed that they are asking for more than 10 million pounds for this Jamaican international.

Demarai Gray could join Fulham next weekend in the Premier League opener, and take Willian’s place in Marco Silva’s starting line-up, as Willian is close to signing with the Saudis, who announced just a few weeks after extending his contract with Fulham.

Even if Mitrovic leaves Fulham, he will be in a situation where he has to fight with Everton in the lower part of the table, so strengthening Everton’s rivals is not the smartest decision.

The only good thing for Everon is that selling him will earn money for new reinforcements.

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