Casillas: Alvarez fouled Livaković, not the other way around

Former Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas said that a penalty kick was unjustified for Argentina in the semi-final match of the World Cup against Croatia.

“Julian Alvarez fouled Livaković (Dominik), not the other way around,” Casillas told the Spanish public service.

Argentina football players qualified for the World Cup finals in Qatar on Tuesday after beating Croatia 3:0.

Referee Daniele Orsato awarded a penalty for Argentina in the first half, after Croatian goalkeeper Livaković fouled Alvarez.

Lionel Messi scored from the penalty spot in the 34th minute, and Argentina easily defeated their rivals after scoring the leading goal.

The former Real Madrid and Spain captain then posted a poll on Twitter, with over 88,000 people voting, with 54 percent saying Orsato’s decision was the right one.

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