It’s no secret that the first pick of the German Football Association for the position of coach is Julian Nagelsmann.

In fact, it is the only option that both the fans and the profession are in favor of. Despite the fact that there are many problems surrounding his engagement, it seems that everything is slowly being resolved.

The situation is mostly complicated by the fact that Nagelsmann has an active contract with Bayern Munich until June 2026. Regardless of the fact that he no longer sits on the bench, the German champion pays him regularly.

Reportedly, Bayern demanded some compensation in order to let go of Nagelsmann, who they made the most expensive coach in the world when they paid Leipzig as much as 25,000,000 euros for his appointment.

That money is not part of the problem was confirmed by the alpha and omega of Bayern – Uli Hoeneß.

“If the two parties come to an agreement, Bayern will certainly not be an obstacle on the way to its realization,” said Hennes.

And the well-informed journalist Florian Plettenberg confirms that Bayern are ready to let Nagelsmann on the Germany bench just to offset the cost of his wages. Current coach Thomas Tuchel pays for all that.

Plettenberg also states that the negotiations between Nageslmann and FS Germany have not started yet, but that he is really the first choice of the leading people for the position of coach.

Mainly because many other options are not available. Jurgen Klopp is on the Liverpool bench and has no chance of accepting a double role.

Matthias Zammer, who was also mentioned, has been out of business for two decades and has also been given up. Roger Smith has a buyout clause of as much as 30,000,000 euros, so he is also unavailable.

Only Nagelsmann remained.


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