CONTE FURIOS ON ENGLAND: ''You don't care about the players, you are just fooling around''!

The manager of Tottenham, Antonio Conte criticized the schedule of matches in England, because matches in domestic competitions are planned for a few days after the World Cup.

The World Cup starts on November 20 and will finish on December 18, the fourth round of the League Cup was due to take place that week, and the Premier League resumes on December 26.

Speaking ahead of the match against Liverpool, Conte said he was worried about the busy schedule.

  • We knew about this situation, we knew that it was crazy to put the World Cup during the championship and the Champions League. This arrangement is crazy – Conte began and compared it with the situation in other countries.
  • Honestly, in England, it is really strange that we start playing three days after the World Cup final. The only country that does. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and others have time to rest – the Italian expert commented.

Conte believes that it is crazy that a few days after the end of the World Cup, matches are immediately played in domestic competitions and that it is the fault of football managers in UEFA and football associations.

  • Many times I hear about taking care of the players, but it is only an “act of kindness” because they are not really concerned about the well-being of the players if the schedule is like this. This is how they show that the most important thing is that the performance must continue and then please, I don’t want to hear in the future that people are talking about the welfare of the players, because that is not true – Antonio Conte finished.

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