Andersen receives death threats

Danish football player Joachim Andersen, who plays for Kristal Palas after the conflict with Darwin Nunez, received death threats more and more often through social networks.

Let’s remember that in the match between Crystal Palace and Liverpool there was a conflict between two players where the home player Darvin Nunez was sent off for a headbutt, while the Danish player only received a yellow card.

Namely, he pushed Darwin from the back, who then turned around and hit the chin of the Danish stopper with his forehead, who immediately collapsed on the grass.

“I understand that you support your team, but have respect and stop threatening each other online,” Andersen wrote.

As proof, he published several messages he received.

“I… I’ll kill you. You and your family. Y… tomorrow. See you 😉 You will die”

“I hope you will have a long life full of pain, you and your family, j…. p….”.

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