The Micallef family on the brink of adding another achievement this weekend

The Micallef family’s unwavering commitment to motorsport is a shining example of perseverance. Top Fuel Dragster Driver Duncan Micallef and his son, karting driver Jacob Micallef, are not just other racing drivers but pioneers. They are the first father and son duo to compete in two of the highest classes of international motorsports, a feat that is both remarkable and unprecedented.

Duncan’s journey in motorsport is a testament to his dedication and impact on the local scene. He started karting in 2006 when the sport in Malta still needed to be developed, and drivers had to use makeshift tracks. Only a year later, Duncan began experimenting with Drag Racing, where he raced various classes, mainly t-buckets and dragsters. In 2012, Micallef travelled to Santa Pod in the United Kingdom to acquire his Top Fuel Dragster Racing Licence, and he succeeded. Only four years later, in 2016, Duncan was the fastest driver in Europe, where he broke all previous records, and in 2017, he ended the FIA Drag Racing Championship as the champion of the biggest class in the championship by winning the Top Fuel Dragster Class. It is the biggest and fastest motorsport class on earth. Following these two achievements, the Malta Sports Journalists Association chose Duncan Micallef as the Sportsman of the Year in 2016 for being the fastest driver in Europe and again in 2017 for winning the championship. It was the first time someone from motorsport won this award in 2016, so all motorsport followers and fans of Duncan were delighted; when he won it again the following year, it was phenomenal. On that occasion, Duncan said that at that moment, he had started something that would only stop once he reached his goal, that in various ways, motorsport would get the respect it deserves from the Maltese Authorities. In 2020, Duncan contested and was elected President of the Malta Motorsport Federation. Together with his team, they manage all the local motorsport aspects to bring the sports and its current facilities to international standards and build new ones when lacking.

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In the case of his son Jacob Micallef, he started Karting in Malta at the tender age of 9.  At 12, he began racing in Italy in the Rok and Iame X30 junior Italian championship with the BRM team led by another Maltese driver and coach, Gianluca Dingli. A year later, he joined Ward Racing and stepped up to the ultimate level in the FIA and WSK championship category, OK Junior. His best result so far is when he acquired a Pole position at the world finals in Franciacorta and finished 10th in the Rok World Super finals. This year, at 14, he took another big step forward and went for the OK senior with the CRG official factory team. His consistent performance and dedication to the sport testify to his potential. We are sure that we will hear a lot about Jacob and his racing career in the future.

The Micallefs’ unique position as a father and son duo, racing in the highest levels of the FIA European championships, is a captivating story that piques curiosity. This narrative once again shines a spotlight on Maltese Motorsport on a European level, compelling all local motorsport enthusiasts to follow the Micallefs closely and take pride in their achievements.

While Jacob Micallef is currently having a short break from racing to concentrate on his school exams, his father, Duncan Micallef, is on his way to the second round of the 2024 FIA European Drag Racing Championship, happening this weekend at Tierp Arena in Sweden. 

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