The Maltese female bowling team took part in the European Women's Championships

The Maltese female bowling team, composed of Cynthia Frendo Duca, Melissa Swift and Ruslana Grima placed 25 th out of 33 teams in the Trios competition at the ongoing European Women’s Championships being held in France this week.

Frendo Duca was highest for the team over these last 2 days over the 6 games, with a 185 average , followed by Swift with a 178 average and 19 year old Grima with a 172 average giving a team average of 178.7 pin.

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The top 4 teams were Sweden 2 (225 average), Finland 1 (217) , Germany 1(215) and Finland 2 (215).

On Thursday and Friday the ladies have another set of 6 games as they take part in the 5
person team event.

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