Endesa League Final: Barcelona - Real Madrid

The final of the Spanish basketball league between the “eternal” rivals, Barcelona and Real Madrid, starts tonight.

Years ago, we got used to playing basketball “El Clásico” a dozen times in one season, and it will be the same in this one, where Barca wants to win a double crown and Real does not end the season without a single trophy.

This season, Barcelona has found it quite easy to cope with the “Kings”, but Real dealt the strongest blow in the semifinals of the European League in Belgrade.

The final is played with three victories, and Barcelona has the advantage of the home floor, just like the Red Star in the recently concluded final against Partizan in the ABA league.

Both teams are in the strongest lineups, and the guests will be stronger for the first time since coach Pablo Lasa has recovered from a heart attack.

The match starts at 21:00.

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