NBA ace, once a teammate of LeBron, today a beggar!

The NBA League is, for many, a peaceful oasis for players, and for others it seems as if they have never been members of the same.

Former NBA basketball player Delonte West was filmed on the street begging for financial help.

The video was taken in Virginia and shows West holding a small card in his hand and going from vehicle to vehicle.

Vest was registered for the draft BIG 3 league, which is played according to 3 × 3 rules, but no team chose him.

The news has been in the spotlight before because of similar situations.

He was once filmed begging people for help, and he was also filmed lying on the street.

Delonte West already had huge problems with alcohol and drugs, which made him homeless.

It seemed that everything would be fine when the owner of the Dallas Mavericks intervened in the story, but it didn’t last either.

Mark Cuban helped him go to rehab, and then he got a job at a clinic in Florida.

However, that didn’t help either, so LeBron’s former teammate James ended up on the street again.

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