LOTHAR MATTHAUS ABOUT MANCHESTER UNITED'S STAR: He is very far from the starting lineup!

Lothar Matthaus criticized one of the most expensive players that Manchester United brought.

The great world player in a conversation with Sky Sports spoke about the status of Jadon Sancho at United.

The German points out that there is a long way to go before Sancho becomes a starter of the “red devils”.

– See which players play for Manchester United. You have Rashford and Ronaldo filling two positions, then you have three or four players playing in the same position, and one of them is Jadon Sancho. I am not familiar with how he trains in Manchester, but he has to work hard to step into the starting 11. At the moment, he is very far from the first team – Lothar Matthaus told Sky Sports.

Asked if he thought it was a mistake for Sancho to leave Dortmund to move to Manchester United, the German gave a very interesting answer.

When I see how many minutes he played and in which games, I think it was a mistake. He may be making more money, but he is playing a lot fewer games, Lothar Matthaus told Sky Sports.

Jadon Sancho definitely did not show himself in the best light after arriving in English football. What do you think, will the Englishman manage to impose himself and show his talent that he possesses?

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