Umpire rescues Medvedev after Russian forgets score

Fifth-seed Daniil Medvedev was being tested vigorously by Frenchman Alexandre Muller during their Wimbledon second-round match on Centre Court on Wednesday, to the extent that he entirely lost track of the score.

After dropping a point to trail 6-3 in a tiebreak, the Russian player sat down on his court-side chair, mistakenly believing he had lost the opening set to his 102nd-ranked opponent.

Medvedev was then informed by the umpire that he was still in contention for the first set. He returned to the baseline but lost the subsequent point and fell further behind.

Despite losing that tiebreak, Medvedev managed to recover and secure his place in the third round by winning the next three sets consecutively.

“I thought it was 6-4 (not 5-3), I went a little crazy,” Medvedev told reporters. “I thought the set was gone. I heard the referee talking to me. At one moment I start hearing, ‘Daniil, it’s 6-3, 6-3’. I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’

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“Then I see the score. Don’t know if it ever happened to me before. Thought it was pretty funny. I thought in my head, ‘OK, maybe that’s my second chance to win it’. Then I lost the point.”

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