CRUELY HONEST DJOKOVIC: I was wrong, I don't expect them to forgive me! 

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, spoke about the events in Australia in January, when he was deported and when he was not allowed to play in the Australian Open.

After an extensive interview with the BBC, Djokovic was a guest on the show on the Public Service and on that occasion spoke about numerous topics.

– I feel better than I did when I was in Australia. Life goes on, I have two children, I have a lot that makes me happy outside of tennis, but I also have a strange feeling because of everything that happened – said Novak.

Will Australia be remembered for good?

– I will always remember the beautiful things, there were unforgettable tennis and personal moments there. Regardless of what happened, I have nothing against Australians, I have a nice connection with them. The results themselves are proof of how I feel every time I go there – said Djokovic and added:

– This was an unexpected thing that happened, it’s hard to forget, but I want to go back there and play there again because this is my most successful field – says Djokovic.

He also said that he would not go to give children prizes, that he knew that he was positive for coronavirus and that he received the test results on time.

Novak is still in the center of attention, and these days we finally had the opportunity to hear his side of the story.

Djokovic also recalled his events before the Australian Open. Novak Djokovic-Australia Open.

Djokovic announced (PHOTO: Guliver)

– Yes, I attended various public events in those few days, but because of the news I received about the Barcelona basketball player, I did a PCR test, a rapid antigen test that day, and the day before the event with the children and everything. The test was negative and that is why I decided to give the children prizes. I was waiting for the results of the PCR test and I saw them only an hour after the end of the event – said Djokovic and added:

– I wouldn’t put them in that situation if I knew. The test gave me clarity of the situation. I usually wait 24 hours for a PCR test, I’ve done so many and I do them very often all over the world, almost every day, and both. I had no symptoms all the time. The mistake was that I took a picture with the Team, I have my reasons why I accepted it. Luckily, no one got infected and everyone confirmed that I respected the distance and had a mask.

Novak also admitted that he was aware that he was wrong.

– That it was a mistake and that I was selfish, I was wrong. We are all human, I have no problem saying I was wrong. I respect everyone and everyone and everyone has the right to make decisions and that everyone is different. There is no sinless man. The only question is whether anyone is behind it. I do not expect that they will forgive me and I understand that many of them condemn me, but I accept that – said Djokovic.

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