Jelena Djokovic is firmly by Novak's side: He will talk when he is ready to talk

Novak Djokovic’s wife Jelena spoke up immediately after the discussion on Twitter about the “magic potion” and stood by her beloved husband.
  • I don’t see anything dishonest. I see people trying to be private about their work, in a world where everyone thinks they have the right to point a camera at you whenever they want. Obviously wanting/trying to be private these days makes you dishonest. – pointed out Jelena Djokovic and added:
  • He will talk when he is ready to talk. This whole nonsense about forcing people to talk about something they are not ready for because others are impatient is absurd. Sit in silence for a while. Take more care of yourself. Not everything you see is controversial. It can be private. Is that allowed?

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