BRITAIN CONDEMNED THE PUBLIC: Novak deserves everyone's respect

Former British tennis player and doubles specialist Mark Pecci is not pleasantly surprised by the behavior of the crowd at the ATP Finals.

What he alluded to were Jannik Sinner’s opponents, and Novak Djokovic and Holger Rune in piranha.

In the match with the Italian, at one point Novak was whistled several times that Djokovic himself at one point began to ironically, in the style of a conductor, give time to the “music” from the stands.

Mark points out that this behavior is inappropriate.

“I was really discouraged when I saw the behavior of the audience. At this stage of his career, Novak deserves respect. With all the sacrifices he made and the sporting moments he gave us, he does not deserve this kind of behavior,” began Pecci.

“I understand what happened against Siner, but even in that situation they have no justification for such a thing. Novak deserves everyone’s respect. I’m not asking for them to worship him, but he deserves respect and if they don’t show it, they should look in the mirror and think about everything,” concluded the Briton.

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