Aaron Busuttil wins the group but Alex Borg suffers the first defeat

During the fourth day of the World Snooker Championship in Golem, Albania, the two players representing our country had different fortunes. Aaron Busuttil managed the third win in a row and won his group while Alex Borg suffered his first defeat to end the group stage in the second place.

Aaron Busuttil today had a dominant display over the 23-year-old Englishman Chae Ross with a score of 3-0 although in the second frame Busuttil needed to pot all the colors to win the frame and after a mini break of 20 points, the frame was decided in favor of the Maltese over a black to win. The scores of the frames ended, 55-31; 74-70; 72-8. With this third consecutive victory the Maltese champion won Group A. From this group the second place will be decided tomorrow after the direct clash between Busuttil’s today opponent, Chae Ross, and the Thai Nattanapong Chaikul whom Busuttil had won on the first day, last Saturday. 

On the other hand, Alex Borg had no answer against the 21-year-old Connor Benzey in a game that lasted only 54 minutes where the English won 3-0. The Maltese veteran lost a number of chances that could leave him in the game. In the first frame Benzey potted a 75-point break and continued in control in the two successive frames to finish with a result of 93-0; 61-10; 69-18. While Borg had qualified from this Group C yesterday, after this victory the Englishman won the group despite he still have to play against the Romanian, Cristian Surdea.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for the two Maltese players who already qualified for the knock out phase. The group matches will continue until Thursday in the session that should start at noon. When this rather long phase is concluded, the knock out fixtures will be announced.

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