Matteo Bartolo's First Steps into Single-Seater Racing

After three years of karting, Matteo Bartolo, now 10 years old, has taken a significant step forward in his racing career by venturing into the world of single-seater Racing. Recognizing his potential and passion, it was time for him to experience Formula Racing, starting with Formula Predator.

Last weekend, Matteo’s first encounter with single-seater Racing was in Caserta, Italy. The initial day tested his adaptability as he familiarized himself with the car’s features and safety equipment, including the six gears operated by paddle shifters and the clutch system. He also had to learn various steering commands and manage engine temperature, which he handled with remarkable composure.

Despite these complexities, Matteo demonstrated remarkable confidence from the outset. His first on-track session was impressive; he navigated the course without any mistakes and received positive feedback from the academy’s coach and the mechanic. This solid start was a testament to his adaptability and skill.

Despite the persistent rain posing a challenge, Matteo’s learning curve rose. With the coach’s guidance, onboard footage, and videos, he gained a deeper understanding of the car’s behaviour in wet conditions, showcasing his ability to learn and adapt quickly.

Overall, this experience was incredibly beneficial. Matteo’s performance has set a promising tone for his future in Formula racing.

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