Hockey Association of Malta launch Hockey 5s

A very successful tournament was held last Saturday morning with the event launching the Hockey5s game in Malta as well as giving a push to women and girls hockey. Women and girl hockey players of all ages participated.

This tournament was held as a mixed format with no club names or colours. Age appropriate teams played each other.

It was a great success and players and umpires wasted no time in learning the Hockey5s rules and adapting to the fast game where the ball always remains in play.

The festival was characterised by a great spirit of collaboration between all the players, organisers, umpires and volunteers. Lots of parents and family members present thoroughly enjoyed the event. Hockey umpire John Williams explained the Hockey 5s rules to the umpires and senior players and monitored their implementation throughout the tournament.

HAM president Gordon Mifsud praised the organizers for making this dream come true and reiterated the fact that there’s a plan to organize a hockey 5s league in the coming future.

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