Impressive performances at the Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships 

Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships were held on the 25 February 2024 at the St Aloysius College Sports Complex in Birkirkara.

62 girls between the ages of 5 and 15 participated at this event.  The competing gymnasts participated in various categories, each performing either on the floor or with one or more apparatus, that is clubs, hoop and ball.  The competition offered spectators a display of beautiful performances by the competing gymnasts.

The event was concluded with group performances by a number of gymnasts.

Overall results :

Category A (2009-2010-2011) – 1st Lauren Agius; 2nd Therese Amelie Vassallo; 3rd Alyona Draguzya

Category A (2012) – 1st Chezonelle Georgette Azzopardi; 2nd Mariia Prudnikova; 3rd Chloe Cooper

Category A (2014-2013) – 1st Maria Mifsud; 2nd Emily Vella

Category A (2015-2016) – 1st Polina Draguzya; 2nd Jade Bonello; 3rd Nadine Zammit

Category B (2009) – 1st Aimee Zammit; 2nd Nicole Cassar

Category B (2010) – 1st Olesya Vasilko; 2nd Emma Fava; 3rd Jimena Moreno Ponce

Category B (2011-2012) – 1st Mia Proietti; 2nd Anastasia Ostapovets; 3rd Mireille Grima

Categoru B (2013) – 1st Lili Palless; 2nd Yana Xerri; 3rd Anna Mangani

Category B (2014) – 1st Sasha Vassallo; 2nd Eve Brimmer Cassar; 3rd Sarah Desira

Category (2015-2016) – 1st Shyanne Abela; 2nd Alexandra Montanari; 3rd Raelle Camilleri

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