ASA Safeguarding Campaign

The Aquatic Sports Association of Malta (ASA) launched the ASA Safeguarding Campaign, an essential step towards ensuring a safer environment for all those participating in aquatic sports, as well as full compliance with regulations pertaining to child safeguarding.

The ASA Regulations regarding the Protection of Minors Application Registration officially came into effect on Tuesday 27th February. To equip club officials with the necessary knowledge and prepare them for these upcoming regulations, the ASA is conducting a series of meetings. The first session was successfully held on Monday 19th, at IPES, University of Malta. These seminars aim to familiarise club officials with the rationale behind these regulations, the importance of protecting minors and vulnerable persons involved in aquatic sports, and the provisions of the legislation. These meetings will also outline the Association’s comprehensive plan to enhance the safety of the aquatic sports environment and achieve complete compliance with local legislation and safeguarding requirements.

Leading the charge is Dr. Pat Bonello, who heads the ASA Safeguarding Commission. Dr. Bonello is a social worker with a doctorate in Social Sciences and vast experience working with children who have experienced abuse. She has dedicated months of diligent work to ensure a thorough understanding of safeguarding requirements and associated legislation, and she has drafted essential guidelines for both the Association and its affiliated clubs.

In the weeks and months ahead, the ASA will organise informative talks in collaboration with Sedqa. These sessions will cover crucial aspects of safeguarding requirements, the principles behind creating safe environments in sport, reporting mechanisms, and related legislation to continue to work towards the wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults.

The goal is to facilitate a smooth transition into the new landscape, which encompasses safeguarding awareness and promoting a safe and secure environment for all athletes and officials.

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