First Group of MOC Youth Development Scheme Athletes Announced

The MOC hosted the first session of Award Certification for athletes falling under the Youth Development scheme.

The Development Scheme was launched through the efforts of the Technical Commission led by Director of Sport Charlene Attard and Director of Youth Johanna Grech. The Commission has been working closely with the technical directors of the various affiliated Federations and Association. 

Based on this input, a matrix was developed consisting of several levels that athletes have been placed under.  Depending on the category they fall under, athletes will benefit from funding, access to the MOC’s Functional Diagnostic Laboratory as well as other services. 

The first group of athletes to benefit from this scheme represent various disciplines including Artistic Swimming, Badminton, Golf, Karate, Squash, Swimming, Triathlon and Weightlifting.

“The athlete selection process was meticulously designed to uphold transparency and ensure that fair play is observed by all athletes. These measures are essential for the Maltese Olympic Committee and every member of Team Malta, emphasizing our commitment to integrity and equality in sports” remarked Johanna Grech, in her address to the athletes. 

Grech further emphasized that alongside the prestige of being part of the programme athletes’ shoulder certain responsibilities. Athletes must recognise that their role extends beyond competitions, training, and selection periods; they are expected to embody the essence of being role models consistently, both on and off the field of play.

Ms. Grech concluded by acknowledging the work and support of the parents and reminded the athletes what an important part of their success they are.

Certificates were presented to the athletes by MOC Secretary General Kevin Azzopardi and Johanna Grech.

Selected Athletes

Artistic Swimming

Ana Culic, Thea Grima Buttigieg, Zea Montfort, Emily Ruggier


Emily Abela, Dayle Bugelli, Jacob Busuttil, Juan Casaru,  Samuel Cassar, Francesca Clark, Martina Clark, Jeremy Gatt,  Jodie Gafa Craus, Suzie Gafa Craus, Julia Galea, Julia Saliba, Monique Vella.


Serena Falzon Sant Manduca, Mark Ganado, Filippa Schulze Doering


Thyis Antonelli, Jenna Awad Attia, Mikele Bonnici, Ashley Borg, , Isaac Gatt, Jaden Grech, Dakota Micallef Gauci, Emma Mizzi, Mariah Mizzi, Evie Roadley-Battin, Francesca Saliba, Kaya Sultana Valentine, Jessica Vella


Alexandra Agius, Venita Degiorgio, Mattea Saliba, Julian Scerri, Lijana Sultana


Sophia  Allen, Victoria   Balderacchi, Yulya Bonnici, Nathan Cachia, Nina Cachia,

Gabriel Camilleri, Martina Marie Camilleri, Michela Camilleri, Samuel Camilleri,

Alisa Camilleri,   Julia Camilleri, Zea Caruana Garzia,  Ema Cassar,  Ema Liz Cassar, Emily  Cassar, Madeleine Cassar, Elisa Ceccato , Isaac Ciantar, Kirsty Delia, Thomas Ellul, Roanna Farrugia,  Ella Fenech Attard, Thomas Gatt, Luca Grixti, Russell Grixti,  John Hick, Peyton Kruger , Nirvana, Micallef, Mattea Micallef,  Julia Mizzi, Ayden Mujic, Michela Portelli,  Liam Rodenas, Italo Salamone, Matthew Satariano,  Caine Schembri, Nolan Vella, Cristina Vidal,  Julienne Woods, Beata Xerri de Caro, Luke Zammit.


Keira Attard, Kai Azzopardi, Liam Daly, Chylen Fava, Ryan Muscat


Rylee Borg, Kim Camilleri Lagana, Kaya Curmi Inguanez , Aaliyah Gatt, Nathan Mifsud, Tenishia Thornton.

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