VERSTAPPEN AFTER THE HISTORIC ACHIEVEMENT: I couldn't even imagine this, I was picking the right places...

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen said the entire race weekend in Belgium was unreal and that his team will continue to work hard for more victories.

  • It was a weekend that I could not have imagined, but we want more like that and we will continue to work hard – said Verstappen.

The Dutchman celebrated in Belgium after starting the race from 14th place, after being penalized for an engine change.

Verstappen added that in the first lap the main thing was to avoid incidents.

  • How many things happened in front of me, I chose the right places to avoid the drivers, took care of the tires and that’s how we moved forward – said the driver, who took the lead from the 18th lap and dictated the pace of the race.

His teammate Sergio Perez finished in second place, and after the race he pointed out that he had hoped for a better result.

  • Verstappen flew, as if he was from another planet, he was untouchable, but it’s an excellent result for the team and that’s important – Peres said.

Carlos Sainz from Ferrari climbed to the last place of the victory podium, who said that the team had a good start, only to be followed by problems.

  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t fight harder and we tried to ‘survive’. We have to see why we were not competitive – said Sainz.

In the general ranking after 14 races, Verstappen leads with 284 points, Peres took second place with 191 points, while Leclerc is third with five points less.

The next race is the Dutch Grand Prix in seven days.

Source: Meridian/Beta

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