Arsene Wenger analyzed the Champions League final!

Arsene Wenger, the former manager of Arsenal, explained that the coach of Real, Ancelotti, has the greatest credit for winning the trophy in the Champions League.
“After watching the game, I wonder if last week’s disappointment in the Premier League affected Klopp’s self-confidence. It was felt that Salah, Mane and other players did not have the necessary freshness, nor did they believe that they could beat Real “, Wenger explained to the media.

Recall that Liverpool won second place in the Premier League last week behind Manchester City, and the Jurgen team fought until the last round for the championship trophy, which eventually went to Pep Guardiola’s team.

Ancelotti played a big role in the Real team. He has a great relationship with football players. Real players look relaxed because he knows how to treat them. Of course, it also helps that they have a lot of experience, especially in the midfield. Kroos, Modric, Casemiro and Valverde were phenomenal, because they know how to win. Real Madrid players know how to return from any situation when things get crowded on the field. “Real is a team of stars, which looks like a group of friends, and that is not the case,” Wenger concluded.

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