VLAHOVIC OWES DINNER DEL PIERO: He brought back some wonderful memories from the past

Since arriving in Turin, Dusan Vlahovic has delighted Juventus fans with both his goals and their losses, and he rewound the film to fans from the Allianz Stadium when he copied the celebration of the legendary Old Lady striker Alexandre Del Piero.

The popular “Pinturicio” admitted in the “Sky Sport” studio that he did not remain indifferent to Vlahović’s celebrations.

– Yes, I noticed the way of celebrating and it did, it brought back some wonderful memories from my past – said Del Piero, and joked:

– Of course, he will have to pay me compensation, I have copyright, I will ask him to take me to dinner. And I invite all of you from the studio to make the bill as high as possible – said the Italian.

Del Piero previously pointed out that Vlahović could help Juventus lift the Champions League trophy, and the former Partizan striker will make his debut in the cheapest European competition with the Old Lady on February 22, against Villarreal.

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