Tadic: Mitrovic is the top scorer

The captain of the Serbian national team, Dusan Tadic, spoke about his teammate Aleksandar Mitrovic.
Today, at 8:45 pm, the Serbian national team will play against Norway in the first match of the League of Nations, and before that match, the Eagles captain Dusan Tadic spoke to the media, praising his teammate Aleksandar Mitrovic at the very beginning.

  • Aleksandar Mitrovic scores so many goals for us. He is the best scorer of the national team, I hope he will find a top club because he showed and because I believe he deserves it – said Tadic.

Two years ago, Serbia beat Norway in the European Championship play-offs.

  • We were better in 2020 in Oslo, but their players, like ours, grew in those two years. This is a new Serbia and we rightly expect some better releases and an even better game. I agree with Mr. that it is a compliment that they saw us in the first place, but everyone has quality and is waiting for their chance.

He also pointed out the big changes for the better since the arrival of Dragan Stojkovic.

  • Everything is different. Since Mister came, everything has gotten better and I have never seen guys come to gatherings so happy and satisfied. They are proud to wear a jersey with the national emblem. That is the merit of Mister and the professional staff. We have achieved great success (by placing at the World Cup) and now we just need to confirm the quality. New matches, new proofs. To show that we are a good group of players.

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