EMOTIONAL SCENES IN BOLOGNA: Players sang a serenade to Mihajlovic! (VIDEO)

The football players and the professional staff of Bologna prepared an incredible event after the great victory over Inter (2: 1) in Serie A. Everyone celebrated the victory in front of the hospital room of Sinisa Mihajlovic.

Miha was visibly moved by their move, and especially by the serenade they sang to him under the hospital window. “Sini on fire”, to which Mihajlovic said that he would make him cry.

They gathered for the first time in front of the Sant’Orsola Hospital in 2019, and this time in front of the Seranoli Department, where Siniša is fighting a vicious disease.

– Last time, after the victory over Brescia, you came just to wash your conscience. This time you deserved it – Mihajlovic answered jokingly, and then added:

– You rejuvenated me for 10 years. I love you – Mihajlovic was emotional.

He then covered his face with a sweatshirt and hid his tears. It is amazing how deep the connection between Mihajlovic and Bologna is.

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