Roma defeated Verona 3:1 away!

In the penultimate match of the 12th round of the Italian Serie A, Roma football players defeated the Verona team 3:1 away.

Although the result does not reflect it, the Romans had an extremely difficult time reaching the triumph since they scored the goals for the triumph at the very end.

Verona took the lead at “Bentegodia” in the 27th minute when Davidovic hooked the ball on the way to the goal and tricked the visitors’ goalkeeper.

Ten minutes later, the same player received a straight red card, which opened the door to a turnaround for the visiting team.

Zaniolo tied the score at 1:1 in stoppage time, so Roma had 45 minutes to achieve the triumph.

The Roma footballers had the initiative on the field, but the goal had to wait until the very end.

First, Volpato scored in the 88th minute to make it 1:3, and then El Shaarawi set the final score of the match in the third minute of stoppage time.

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