CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUALIFICATIONS: Rangers secured a place in the playoffs, PSV also

The Rangers and PSV players secured their place in the Champions League play-offs.

After the victory at “Ibrox” (2:1), Rangers played 1:1 against Servet in Geneva, which was enough to secure the next stage.

The home team took the lead in the 22nd minute, but “policemen” drew at the beginning of the second half.

For the group stage of the Champions League, the Scottish giant will play against PSV, which was better than Sturm in the return match – 3:1.

The Dutch took a 4:1 advantage to Graz, so it was clear that the rematch would be a formality.

However, PSV wanted to show once again that they are of better quality, so they played an excellent game.

True, Boving put the hosts in the lead in the 26th minute, but that was all.

Verman in the 32nd minute and De Jong in the 40th minute turned the score around, and Pepi put the match point in the 84th minute of the match.

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