PSG: Official confirmation for Vitinha is awaited

As much as the pomp was focused on PSG and Mbappe, so much attention was not paid to incoming transfers, and this is being done at full speed.
PSG is slowly assembling the team for the next season, and after Nuno Mendes, who was already at the club, the signing of another Portuguese will soon follow. The 22-year-old midfielder of Porto Vitinha is now on the verge of arriving at PSG.

Namely, as the media report, the management of the “Saints” has set aside 40 million euros for this transfer, which is the official redemption clause for Vitinha, which has a five-year contract. Also, the Wolves also had the option to buy him, but for 20 million euros, which they did not accept.

Accordingly, Whitney was among the best players of Porto, who won a double crown in the domestic championship and after third place in the Champions League group with Liverpool, Athletic and Milan, played in the eighth finals of the Europa League in which he was eliminated by Lyon. For the sake of remarks, in 47 odimečeva he gave four and assisted for five goals, but his position is such that he starts actions, not ends them. The contribution he makes to the game is somewhat different from the “dry” statistics.

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