The police apologized to Bakayoko

The Italian champion Milan announced that the local police apologized to football player Tiemoue Bakayoko for the search as part of the search for the suspect involved in the shooting.

The incident happened in Milan on July 3. Bakayoko, who plays in Milan on loan from Chelsea, was forced to get out of his car and stand next to a police car when the officer searched.

After a few moments, another policeman appeared and explained to his colleague that there had been a mistake, so Bakayoko was released.

The French football player was visibly confused, but this was followed by an apology to the Milan football player.

“After the shooting that happened at the place where he was, the police started to carry out checks. “The football player was stopped, but as soon as the police confirmed that he had nothing to do with what happened, they apologized and let him go,” the statement said.

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