PIOLI ON TONALI: He is a serious loss

Milan coach Sandro Pioli, in his official address before the start of the Rossoneri’s preparations for the new season, addressed the public and among other things mentioned the departure of Sandro Tonali from that club.

The departure of Sandro Tonali shook the Rossoneri and Milan’s decision to sell him to Newcastle met with great criticism, but that did not stop the club’s leaders from making the most expensive sale of a player in the club’s history.

The previous highest amount for which they sold a football player was 67 million euros, which they gave from Real Madrid for Kaka back in 2009. These days, it is expected that 70 million euros from the sale of Tonali will reach the club’s account.

Pioli said today that he wants that money to be spent wisely in order to bring someone to the club who would somehow replace Tonali, who was one of the key figures in the black and red jersey on the field.

“It is a serious loss from a technical point of view and we will have to replace him properly. Good situation for both sides so it’s hard to do anything different. I can only thank Sandra for what he has given to this team and wish him all the best.” Pioli said.

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