Perez: Mbappe gave up due to political and economic pressure

As a guest on one show, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, talked about current topics related to the club, and also referred to the French striker Kyllian Mbappe.
Lately, that is one of the most current topics, so everyone was interested in what the first man of Real Madrid will say about the case of Kyllian, with whom the transfer has already been agreed.

“Mbappe’s dream was to come to Real Madrid, but the situation has changed due to political and economic pressure. In the end we said this is not the Mbappe we want, he changed his dream. I still appreciate him of course, his mother wanted him to come to Madrid because it was his dream. She was sad. They told us she was embarrassed about it. Emanuel Macron called Kyllian, it doesn’t make sense. PSG offered him to be the project leader, that changed everything. I never saw the same Kyllianwe wanted again, “Perez said, adding:

“It’s not easy when the president of your country, the mayor of your city, calls you, so you go to Qatar and they offer you crazy things. After that, he changed his mind. We did not sign a pre-contract with Mbappe because of Paris Saint-Germain, who would have to be informed. We didn’t want to increase the pressure on him. If Mbape is like this, let him stay in PSG. This is not the Mbappe I wanted. I never said it was over, in three years things could change. This is not “my” Mbappe, but that can change. “No player will ever be above the club,” Perez said.

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