Mourinho: I am no longer "Special", I can't believe that at the age of 22 I am a coach, my passion does not change

On the eve of the League of Conferences, Jose Mourinho, the coach of the Roma football players, said that he no longer considers Mr. “Special” a nickname he gave himself.
“That with that nickname is a thing of the past,” the Portuguese said at a press conference.

“When you mature, you think a lot more about people and less about yourself. I can do the same as any coach and try to help my team. I don’t believe in magical moments. It is not a matter of the individual, but of the whole team, the players, the professional team. Does the new success mean more than the last? Yes, but there is nothing special about it, we will be our own “, he said.

“That’s why I repeat that I can’t believe I’m 59 years old. I can’t believe I’ve been a coach for 22 years. It’s hard to say when I’m going to stop because I can’t even imagine it. Passion does not change. League The Conference is our Champions League. We are at that level now. Roma has not been on this occasion for a long time. We want to win something because we haven’t for a long time “, concluded Mourinho.

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