MITROVIC HAS ANNOUNCED: He wants to join Al Hilal

Serbian football player Aleksandar Mitrovic received an offer from Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia at the beginning of this month, and although it all seemed frivolous, “Sky Sport” reports that Mitrovic made a statement on the matter and that he wants to wear the jersey of that club.

After becoming a star at Fulham, a club with which he even entered the Premier League twice, the Serbian representative is close to leaving. Saudi Al Hilal made him an offer that was difficult to refuse.

Mitrovic has scored 14 goals for Fulham since 2018 and thus helped that team to be in the upper part of the Premier League table. Before that, he played for Newcastle, Anderlecht and Partizan, and he will turn 29 in September, which means that, if everything goes well, he will be able to play for a few more seasons at the top level.

In this transitional period, Saudi Arabia invests a lot in new football reinforcements, and Aleksandar Mitrović is on the wish list of one of their clubs. Al Hilal offers Fulham 30 million pounds to sign the striker, while the amount of salary the footballer would receive there is still unknown.

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