Will our boys repeat the excellent performance of last Thursday again tonight against Belarus?

In the MD-1 press conference ahead of the internationally friendly match against Belarus, Michele Marcolini, the head coach of Malta’s national teams, shared insights into the team’s recent progress and the challenges they face as they prepare for their upcoming match against Belarus. Marcolini expressed satisfaction with the team’s growth, particularly emphasizing their recent noteworthy performance against Slovenia.

Marcolini acknowledged the difficulties players faced in adapting to new coaching staff and methodologies within the limited timeframe of national team gatherings. However, he highlighted the growing cohesion and understanding among the players, which he believes played a pivotal role in their recent success against Slovenia.

The coach emphasized his focus on instilling resilience and unity among the players, citing their display of character and teamwork during the latter stages of the Slovenia match as evidence of their progress. Despite facing formidable opponents and daunting matches, Marcolini stressed the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and continuing to build on recent achievements.

Malta vs Slovenia
Malta vs Slovenia: Photos courtesy of Domenic Aquilina / Malta FA

Looking ahead to the match against Belarus, Marcolini recognized the challenge posed by their high FIFA ranking but remained optimistic about Malta’s prospects. He stressed the need for the team to give their utmost effort, drawing attention to their underrated June performance and win against Luxembourg as evidence of their capabilities.

Responding to questions about squad selection, Marcolini stated that he keeps an open door for new players and intends to integrate them into the team gradually. While he aims to maintain a balance between experienced players and newcomers, he emphasized his commitment to providing opportunities for all players to contribute even as from the next game.

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National team player Joseph Mbong, explained that when Coach Marcolini shared with him the idea to fulfill a new role he was sceptic however he shared his willingness to adapt to different roles within the team, reflecting the team’s collective dedication to success. The role is normally filled up by Ryan Camenzuli who is injured.

Despite the challenge posed by their Belarus, Mbong expressed confidence in the team’s ability to perform if they follow instructions and replicate the spirit shown against Slovenia.

Mbong also acknowledged the importance of fan support, noting that even though they are accustomed to playing in front of smaller crowds during domestic league matches, the presence of supporters provides an added motivation for the team.

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