INTER GIVES A FORTUNE: Lautaro finally signed, without an exit clause!

After numerous meetings and negotiations, an agreement was finally reached – Lautaro Martinez signed a new contract with Inter.

The saga lasted for several months, the financial aspect was the biggest problem, but now it has been solved, so Lautaro extended his loyalty to Inter.

According to Italian media, the 24-year-old striker will earn 6,000,000 euros per season in the future, which is 140 percent more than before (2,500,000).

It depends on the bonus whether Lautaro will become the highest-paid player and surpass Christian Eriksen. For now, Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal are ahead of him.

What is especially interesting is that there is no exit clause! It was said that the agreed price was 70,000,000 euros (up to 90,000,000 with bonuses), but there is nothing of that.

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