Gattuso struggles with Marseille: "I Don't know how to solve this issue"

Former Italian footballer and Marseille coach Gennaro Gattuso is grappling with the team’s poor performance. Marseille enters tonight’s match against Brest after six games without a win.

Gattuso stated in a press conference: “The situation is easy to understand; the problem comes from the team. Look at the goals we conceded. The problem is when you don’t feel danger, you don’t pay attention. I still believe in this team; I don’t think it’s dead. The problem is fear; if we overcome it, we’ll progress.”

However, he admits he doesn’t know how to progress, as he’s unable to halt the regression. Gattuso confessed, “We are afraid, and I don’t know how to solve this mental issue. I don’t have the key because I’m neither a psychologist nor a ‘mind coach.’ Despite the frustrations, I am stubborn and have the desire to succeed. I don’t want anyone to think we’ve given up. That’s not our mindset.”

Currently, Marseille sits eighth in the Ligue 1 table, trailing fourth-placed Monaco by eight points, the position that leads to Champions League qualifications. Gattuso took over Marseille in October but has yet to achieve the expected results.

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